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  • After-sales service

    Gemlin offers the full range of product services , whether you contact us at any time by phone or email ,  we will help to solve all your Product usage problem at the first time and meet all your needs. Gemlin can also provide after-sales service for other similar companies.

    Maintenance service
    Gemlin Warranty Agreement guarantees the safe & no-failure operations  of your doors and docking system. You have a perfect balance between economy& security, and gained more normal production time, guaranteed regulations, and good equipment classification. 
    The warranty agreement includes the annual inspection of the products by our qualified technicians, so that we can avoid unforeseen expenses. We can also tell you clearly the service content you need in the second year, so that you can make relevant budgets. 
    Check regularly to minimize the risk of wear and tear caused by accidental collisions, so that we can help you avoid unexpected costs.
    Regular inspection of safety components to reduce accident risk

    According to the degree of damage of the spare parts, We will advise you whether you need to change the spare parts to ensure your safe & continuous work. 

    Comply with relevant health and safety regulations in the workplace.

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