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     Suitable for outdoor or large indoor door opening installation conditions with wind pressure or negative pressure65kg/



    Segmented door curtain is high density polyester fiber (thickness 1. 0), transparent window is complete transparent pvc film (thickness 1. 5)



    2mm thick high quality anticorrosive cold rolled steel plate, multi-process molding, silver gray (default color, other colors can be chosen), lacquer treatment, exquisite and beautiful appearance, strong and durable


    driving system

    IP55 special brake motor ,0.55-4.0kwr / 220v / 380v voltage optional / 1500rpm, holding brake deceleration, low noise and low vibration, quick and stable response.

    Control System

    It is compatible with all kinds of commonly used protective devices and it can be controlled by button. Wholly adopting PLC Digital programming, it can realize the Safe passage of personnel, vehicles and goods. Manual operation of power cut manual rocker, you can open or close doors easily.

    Operating speed

    The opening/closing speed is 0. 6 m / s, and the speed can be adjusted by NAIS inverter according to the actual need.


    Manual operation -quick opening pull rod (optional, power cut manual rocker rod

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